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Growth through effective communication, from the world’s leading online English school & the leading Academic Institution in Egypt

As part of EF Education First, we draw upon a 50-year legacy of academic excellence, having helped more than 20 million people across the world to successfully learn English online

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EF English in Numbers
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    An immersive learning experience for your employees, wherever they are.
    EF English Live is the world’s leading online English school, with a range of courses suitable for all needs. The school provides every student with a personalized learning journey with an engaging, intuitive interface. EF’s expert teachers are an important part of this learning journey, and are available within the school round the clock for group and private lessons.

    How it Works

    We help you to achieve a successful program
    An organization-wide language program needs good planning, design and excellent project management. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does help to work with a partner that has done it thousands of times before. This is why we have developed a systematic program approach to project delivery that we call Learning Logistics.

    Step 1

    We align your business objectives with our know-how to create an impactful, strategic program that’s targeted at the right people.

    Step 2

    We ensure your training program is scalable and aligned to your current and future needs by assessing skills gaps and setting the right learning goals.

    Step 3

    We drive program adoption to meet your learning objectives. We tailor training and support your students with an engaging study plan.

    Step 4

    We ensure your KPIs are achieved and that your company has an evolving language program by actively tracking results and monitoring overall progress.

    How our clients achieve success

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    Supporting every step of the way.
    NU ExEd through its partnership with EF English is offering the academic expertise and local support to complement EF Customer Success team and student advisors, we are here to support you, and your employees, every step of the way.

    Reporting Center

    Keep on top of your program with EF’s Customer Reporting Center
    Our intuitive reporting center keeps you in complete control of your program.
    It can provide you with at-a-glance overviews on the latest progress and updates, helpful prompts and reminders on what to do next, it can also give you in minute detail on how your individual learners are progressing

    Seamless Integration with your LMS +
    Smart Monitoring Dashboard

    A smooth learner journey, all from your LMS
    We provide a fast, secure, and seamless integration of our online platform with any LMS.

    Access with single sign-on
    Learners can access their language training directly from your LMS, growing adoption rates

    Performance tracking
    You can track your employees’ progress and course completions, all from your LMS.